Duck, no cover

Armed with a Mamiya c330 loaded with Kodak T-Max 400 film, I went to the small town of Trosa last autumn. I snapped away in the freezing cold – it was snowing and blowing and I didn’t have proper gloves. One of the images was this duck.  As usual, I Read more…


Positively negative

The door looks almost negative on this image. It is an old door found in the city of Mariefred in Sweden. I shot it with a Pentax 67ii on Ilford’s Pan F+ ASA 50 film. The image is “scanned” by DSLR and converted in PhotoShop.


At the wedding

I was honored by being asked to photograph a friend’s wedding. It was very close in time, only 7 days away. I decided to use the digital Nikon D800 for the job, despite the fact that I haven’t used it over a year. So it felt alien to me, and I Read more…


First-ever shot large format

So I finally recieved film for my new Linhof large format sheet film camera. Quickly posed, or rather just placed, my wife in front of a black background and pointed just one strobe at her. After measuring the light I took this, my very first ever shot on a large format Read more…


This old boat

This boat was captured with a Hasselblad 500c and its 80 mm standard lens earlier this summer. My particular camera was manufactured in 1969 but looks as good as new – it could almost pass as mint. I love it but use it to little. The film is Kodak T-Max 400, as Read more…

35 mm

Brooklyn Bridge

Just because I said in the last post that I usually don’t edit my analogue images in PhotoShop other than crop them, remove dust specs and fixing the contrast, I had to PhotoShop this one a bit more. In this image I darkened the sky selectively a bit. It was too bright, Read more…


Sunset over the Baltic

Sunsets always promises those nice vibrant reds and yellows. This time the sun disapeared behind thick clouds at the horizont. So I turned away from the setting sun to get this image of a fishing hut. Kodak Ektar always delivers wonderful colours, but his time I have increased them in Read more…