Theme #24: Participation number
Time: 11:00, Saturday August 21

My status: Happy

Final image. I threw down all my gear and Johans Nikon F5 on the ground and shot an image in which my participation sign was visible. I flirted with the idea of making a tripple exposure finding the “2”, the “9”, and the “2” separately and making one image of them. But now I just wanted to finish and sleep.

Theme: My participation number

Theme: My participation number

And that wraps it up.

It was fun to go through with the marathon. During times I was very tired, and irritated by the stupid themes. That, of course is just a way to say “I have not enough imagination for this theme”. Others will have taken fantastic images of those themes, I’m sure.

Another lesson is: don’t throw the hard themes away (like I did with the chaos theme). Wait for a while. Perhaps use the time to think of other themes yet to come, if you know whet they are. Don’t bring too much gear. But most of all: know your equipment, and know the techniques you will need.

Let me explain that last remark. I was going to use flash, that much I already knew. And I also knew that I would use a radio trigger in some cases. So, not only did I have to know that the radio triggers actually triggered the flash in sync, but also how to meter for that kind of setup. The flash will fire on its set strength, and the camera must match its settings. No auto will work (at least not on my camera, which is too old for that kind of functionality). Metering that way is a bit tedious, especially when people are waiting for you (like on the Hat theme). So better be confident.

Next lesson: don’t carry a gram more than needed. Better to be a bit short on equipment and having to come up with constructive ideas to solve the situations, than dragging around lots of stuff you never use. Tripod is the only thing that I would never ever go without in a situation like this. Flash is a good thing, but how many lenses do you really need?

Last lesson: don’t overthink, overdo or overreact. Do. Or do not. Like Yoda said.

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