Theme #23: Almost there
Time: 10:00, Saturday August 21

My status: Running on new found energy

I immediately envisioned the photo I wanted for this theme. A dog on on his way to some treats, dragging his owner behind.

So I phoned and woke my sister who played the part of the owner, and to Nisse who played the part of hungry dog in a stellar performance. Johan played the part of nameless hand holding dog treats.

I used a wide 14 mm lens to get all parties in frame. It went a bit too fast, I wanted to instruct my sister and Johan what to do but Nisse, being a method actor, just went for it. I made a split second decision to get the image then, in fear that Nisse wouldn’t be able to act hungry again. Yes, that’s really what went through my mind during the sub second it took for everything to unfold. Luckily I had had time to instruct the team a somewhat so I was ready. Framing yet again and focus was a bit poor in the image. But it’s the best one on the roll, I think. very happy with it.

Theme: Almost there

Theme: Almost there

Fun fact: my sister didn’t have to pretend being dragged by the dog.

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