Theme #22: Contrasts
Time: 09:00, Saturday August 21

My status: Beginning to see the light in the tunnel

Contrasts is a classic photo theme, given to many a student around the world. Contrasts can be fun to play with, but since my departure from digital photography, I have started disliking it. The reason is that I fell into the trap of using too much contrast in all my computer edits of the images. It looks cool when you’re sitting there but a week later it looks terrible.

So I want away from all that contrast. So what to do with this theme? Again, I had no clear idea, and I was so incredible tired that I just couldn’t think. I said to myself to just take a picture and be done with it. I think Johan felt the same way, although he made an honest go. I settled for this image, that has very little contrast and also doesn’t contain anything of interest.

Again, a terrible scan.

Theme: contrast

Theme: contrast

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