Paris, Je t’aime

The week before the horrible events of November 13th 2015, I was in Paris on a business trip. I brought my camera, of course, and stayed an extra couple of days before the business meeting, to take some pictures. This was the third time in Paris but the first time I was by myself for a while. What a wonderful town to stroll around and take pictures in. The sceneries are everywhere. Beautiful buildings and magnificent streets. Read more…


Valter by the sea

In perfect golden hour light, I shot this image on my good old Hassy, loaded with Fujifilm Acros 100 film. He was moving like crazy and finding focus was a challenge. I have a series of blurry images, and a few sharp ones.

35 mm

Black Hole

Here is a picture from central Stockholm. I made the picture around the end of November last, using my all time favourite 35 mm camera; the Nikon F6. Or, as I like to call it, King of 35 mm. 🙂 Film used is Acros 100, known for its reciprocity failure handling. That is, non-failure. No need to add extra stops as the shutter speed increases, like most other films. I like the darkness of the image,which Read more…


Duck, no cover

Armed with a Mamiya c330 loaded with Kodak T-Max 400 film, I went to the small town of Trosa last autumn. I snapped away in the freezing cold – it was snowing and blowing and I didn’t have proper gloves. One of the images was this duck.  As usual, I have dusted the image in PS and added a border as I thought it made the image “pop”, as the digital guys say.


Positively negative

The door looks almost negative on this image. It is an old door found in the city of Mariefred in Sweden. I shot it with a Pentax 67ii on Ilford’s Pan F+ ASA 50 film. The image is “scanned” by DSLR and converted in PhotoShop.


At the wedding

I was honored by being asked to photograph a friend’s wedding. It was very close in time, only 7 days away. I decided to use the digital Nikon D800 for the job, despite the fact that I haven’t used it over a year. So it felt alien to me, and I had to think a lot about the controls. The setting was the Stockholm Town Hall. Before the actual ceremony took place, I had around 20 Read more…


First-ever shot large format

So I finally recieved film for my new Linhof large format sheet film camera. Quickly posed, or rather just placed, my wife in front of a black background and pointed just one strobe at her. After measuring the light I took this, my very first ever shot on a large format camera. F/11 on Fomapan 200, developed in TMax for 6 minutes. Since my scanner can’t scan bigger than medium format, I “scanned” by DSLR. Then Read more…

35 mm

And the winner is…

Awards for best images and grand prize winner of the Stockholm Photo Marathon 2016 was handed out yesterday at the Photo Fair in Stockholm. One winner for each theme was announced. For the theme “Secret”, my image won. Humbled, I was taken to the stage and presented a small prize and a great honour. Here is my picture.

35 mm

Stockholm Photo Marathon – Theme 24: participation number

Final image. I threw down all my gear and Johans Nikon F5 on the ground and shot an image in which my participation sign was visible. I flirted with the idea of making a tripple exposure finding the “2”, the “9”, and the “2” separately and making one image of them. But now I just wanted to finish and sleep. And that wraps it up. It was fun to go through with the marathon. During times I was Read more…